Kids a Dancing - a suburban goat farm

Redding, CA

Welcome to Kids a Dancing, a farm located near Redding California, raising Kinder goats, for milk and meat. We choose Kinder goats not only for their size (110- 150lbs / 50- 68kg) but also they are a dual purpose goat, giving a good amount of milk to the meat supplied. Another upside is that they are aseasonal breeders, being able to bred year long.

Weaned babies for sale contact us for more info.

Baby goats expected Jan 2023.

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Did you know goats are personable and fun? Some having quite the personality. Kinder goats were also chosen as their milk contains a high butterfat (sometimes higher than 7%, vs 4% in Jersey cows) for cheese versus other breeds.

We’ve enjoyed making cheese, soap, and lotion. We love the soap and lotion as the extra butterfat from the Kinder milk has the lotion feeling very rich and creamy.